Ends at 1:00 PM 12/30/2022

Stake's Weekly Giveaway

Wager to earn tickets into a weekly giveaway where anybody can win. Just one ticket could see you sharing in $50,000!

Ends at 12:00 AM 12/31/2022

Stake's Daily Races

Earn a share in $100,000 every day through Stake's new and improved daily races!

Ends at 1:59 PM 7/10/2022

Grass Season Special +4 Games Up Payout

If your selection leads by +4 Games in any set but ends up losing, get paid out up to $100 anyway! Selected Tournaments: Queen's Club Championships / Eastbourne International / Wimbeldon

Ends at 8:36 AM 11/2/2022

Major League Baseball - Primetime Double Winnings

If your MLB Winner selection wins, and their respective player hits their target, earn Double Winnings up to $100!

Ends at 8:00 AM 8/8/2022

Everton F.C VIP Package

Tell us who will score Everton's first goal of their Premier League campaign, and win a VIP experience where you can travel to one of the Toffees' biggest matches of the year!

Ends at 7:00 AM 11/2/2022

Major League Baseball - 9th Inning Payout

If your MLB team selection leads by the beginning of the 9th inning but ends up losing, get paid out as a winner anyway up to $100!

Ends at 7:34 AM 7/14/2022

The Open Championship - Round Leader Payout

Back a player to win The Open Championship tournament and if they lead at the end of any round but don't end up winning the tournament, get paid out as a winner up to $100 anyway!

Ends at 1:09 AM 7/25/2022

Volleyball Nations League - Final Set Insurance

If your Nations League Volleyball selection leads at the beginning of the 5th and final set but ends up losing the match, get refunded

Ends at 12:14 AM 12/31/2022

UFC Fight Night - Early Victory Double Winnings

If your UFC selection from the main event wins by ending the fight early via KO, TKO or Submission, earn double winnings up to $100!